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Size refers to image portion. The plates are actually approximately 23-1/2 x 31 inches. Moritz Loewy (1833-1907) and Pierre-Henri Puiseux (1855-1928), assisted by Charles Morvan, undertook a project to make a complete series of detailed photographs of the moon and the lunar surface. Their work, which took nearly 14 years, is considered the finest and most meticulous of the moon until the 1960s space probes. Between 1894 and 1909, the two astronomers devoted approximately 500 evenings to observations in order to make more than 6,000 photographs of the moon. Their very best images were then published in "L'Atlas photographique de la Lune". Published between 1896 and 1910 by the Observatory of Paris, the atlas represents the best and most complete overview of the work of Loewy and Puiseux. It includes 12 booklets, 82 heliogravure plates (11 smaller contact plates and 71 enlargements), and texts (a description of the most remarkable objects and an examination of their nature and their origin). The majority of the photographic reproductions by heliogravure were entrusted to M. Fillon at Heuse, Gaultier and Schutzenberger. The enlargements were used to decorate the showroom of the Ministère de l'Instruction Publique at the Exposition Universelle during the World's Fair, which was held in Paris in 1900. In modern white enamel frame.

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Photo Detail - Loewy & Puiseux - Photographie Lunaire: Rheita - Monts Altai - Theophile
Loewy & Puiseux Photographie Lunaire: Rheita - Monts Altai - Theophile

Price $2,500

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Ref.# 11396

Medium Heliogravure

Mount unmounted

Photo Date 1899  Print Date 1899

Dimensions 22-3/4 x 18-3/4 in. (578 x 476 mm)

Photo Country Moon

Photographer Country France


Alex Novak and Marthe Smith


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