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Francis Alfred Bolton - David Bolton as the Flautist

Francis Alfred Bolton - David Bolton as the Flautist

Whether it be classical or rock and roll, jazz or country, photographers have been documenting the making and listening to music for over 150 years.

From Charles Negre's Pifferari musicians from 1853 to the current crop of photographer's documenting jazz and rock musicians, you will find the range here in this special exhibit.

Photographers who have specialized in this area include Terry Cryer and Jacques Bisceglia, but other noted photographers, such as Pierre Verger and Alfred Cheney Johnston, have also photographed musicians and the effect of music on its listeners, and are represented here.

Musicians include rock and jazz stars, historically important musical figures and just regular people trying to make music, so enjoy the selection to the sounds of whatever music turns you on.

Let There Be Music

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