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Anonymous - Women in Togas
Ref #: 8713
Medium: Carbon print
Mount: unmounted
Photo Date: 1900c
Print Date: 1900c
Price: $450
Description: Resembles Belgium pictorialist Josef Desire Massot's work and process.... (More)

Anonymous - Women, Children and a Dog
Ref #: 6669
Medium: Cyanotype
Mount: unmounted
Photo Date: 1899c
Print Date: 1899c
Price: $40
Description: What a great group exhibiting high fashion around the turn of the century. The ladies all wear... (More)

Anonymous - Working in the Barn or Stable
Ref #: 10883
Medium: Albumen stereo
Mount: on original mount
Photo Date: 1860s
Print Date: 1860s
Price: $65
Description: Published by John Langham, Jr. of Philadelphia, with his label on the verso.... (More)

Anonymous - WWII Holocaust Survivor
Ref #: 7532
Medium: Silver print on carte postal stock
Mount: unmounted
Photo Date: 1946c
Print Date: 1946c
Price: $450
Description: Information in period ink on verso in Czech.... (More)

Anonymous - X-Ray of the Elbow (Humerus, Radius and Ulna)
Ref #: 6329
Medium: Silver print
Mount: unmounted
Photo Date: 1928
Print Date: 1928
Price: $500
Description: This large image has date (12-20-28) and L R, (left right) designations flopped and reversed out of negative.... (More)

Anonymous - X-Ray Photogram
Ref #: 6659
Medium: Silver print on postcard stock
Mount: unmounted
Photo Date: 1910-18
Print Date: 1910-18
Price: $250
Description: An X-Ray photogram of keys, wire, paper clips, etc. made on a negative glass plate and contact printed... (More)

Anonymous - Young Child with Cup and Saucer with Girl in Background
Ref #: 7727
Medium: Silver print
Mount: unmounted
Photo Date: 1920s
Print Date: 1920s
Price: $375
Description: This came from a very talented amateur photographer's personal album and is a delightful example of childhood.... (More)

Anonymous - Young Jewish Girl
Ref #: 12227
Medium: Silver print
Mount: unmounted
Photo Date: 1930c
Print Date: 1930c
Price: $500
Description: Shipping and insurance costs will be added to the price and must be paid for by... (More)

Anonymous - Young Woman (Tinted)
Ref #: 4853
Medium: Ambrotype (1/6 plate)
Mount: in mat with no case
Photo Date: 1860c
Print Date: 1860c
Price: $250
Description: Lovely and classic portrait of a standing woman holding on to the back of a chair. I... (More)

Anonymous - Young Woman Holding 1/2 Plate Mother-of-Pearl Case
Ref #: 2597
Medium: Daguerreotype (1/4 plate)
Mount: in glass mount
Photo Date: 1850c
Print Date: 1850c
Price: $450
Description: Lovely portrait of a young woman who wears an elaborately flounced gingham dress with long fringe following the... (More)


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