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Where the Photographer's name is Edward J. Steichen

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Edward J. Steichen - June Collyer Modeling for Vogue
Ref #: 14069
Medium: Silver print
Mount: unmounted
Photo Date: 1934
Print Date: 1934
Price: $2,500
Sale Price $1,750
Description: Photographer's and Conde Nast stamps on verso. Dated (Aug. 30, 1934) and with model information on verso... (More)

Edward J. Steichen - Lady Diana Manners in "The Miracle"
Ref #: 14072
Medium: Silver print
Mount: unmounted
Photo Date: 1924
Print Date: 1924
Price: $1,500
Sale Price $1,050
Description: With period notation "Ask Steichen for plate or better print." Title and date in pencil and blue... (More)

Edward J. Steichen - Steeplechase Day, Paris, after the Races
Ref #: 14627
Medium: Silver print
Mount: unmounted
Photo Date: 1905
Print Date: 1950s
Price: $20,000
Sale Price $14,000
Description: Stamped "photograph by Edward Steichen" and title and notations on the verso of the print. A print... (More)

Edward J. Steichen - The Black Vase
Ref #: 14893
Medium: Silver print
Mount: unmounted
Photo Date: 1902c
Print Date: 1940-50s
Price: $15,000
Sale Price $10,500
Description: Signed and dated in Roman Numerals (MDCCCCII) in ink on the recto of the print. Photographer's... (More)

Edward J. Steichen - William M. Chase
Ref #: 14227
Medium: Photogravure
Mount: on original mount
Photo Date: 1906
Print Date: 1906
Price: $1,500
Description: Published in Camera Work, the Steichen Supplement, April 1906.... (More)

Edward J. Steichen - Woman Holding Gloves
Ref #: 14074
Medium: Gum print
Mount: unmounted
Photo Date: 1915c
Print Date: 1915c
Price: $2,000
Description: With ES monogram in a red circle. Light crease about half inch from the bottom.... (More)


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