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Where the Photographer's name is Erwin Blumenfeld

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Erwin Blumenfeld - Nude Under Wet Silk, Paris
Ref #: 14877
Medium: Silver print
Mount: unmounted
Photo Date: 1937c
Print Date: 1937c
Price: $15,000
Description: Solarized ferrotyped gelatin silver print, which is annotated 'H2854' and 'sursum corda' in ink with photographer's copyright credit... (More)

Erwin Blumenfeld - Shadow Profile Behind Veil (Female Nude)
Ref #: 14874
Medium: Silver print
Mount: on original mount
Photo Date: 1942
Print Date: 1942
Price: $30,000
Description: Signed, dated, and inscribed 'Shadow Profile Behind Veil' by Maria Schinz, Blumenfeld's mistress, in pencil, and Estate credit... (More)

Erwin Blumenfeld - Statue and New Year's Greeting
Ref #: 11066
Medium: Silver print
Mount: unmounted
Photo Date: 1954
Print Date: 1954
Price: $750
Sale Price $525
Description: Signed and inscribed "with my best wishes for 1954, Blumenfeld"). Sent to Arthur Dobbs, who worked in... (More)


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