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Where the Photographer's name is Felix Jacques Antoine Moulin

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Felix Jacques Antoine Moulin - Four Nude Tableaus
Ref #: 395
Medium: salt print (non matte)
Mount: on original lithographed mount
Photo Date: 1853c
Print Date: 1853c
Price: $2,000
Sale Price $1,400
Description: Prints mounted on period stereo cards with Moulin's blind stamp.... (More)

Felix Jacques Antoine Moulin - Semi-nude Woman at a Water Fountain
Ref #: 3522
Medium: Salt print
Mount: on original mount
Photo Date: 1855c
Print Date: 1855c
Price: $2,000
Sale Price $1,400
Description: This is a studio-posed portrait of a barefoot girl as she stands by a water fountain. She... (More)

Felix Jacques Antoine Moulin - Two Women Posed at a Balustrade
Ref #: 4898
Medium: Albumen stereo
Mount: on original mount
Photo Date: 1850s
Print Date: 1850s
Price: $75
Description: Moulin's backdrop is very distinctive. Even though this stereo is not signed, it is definitely by the... (More)


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