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Where the Photographer's name is Henriette Moulier

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Henriette Moulier - Vegetables Storage in Paris
Ref #: 14546
Medium: Silver print
Mount: unmounted
Photo Date: 1940s
Print Date: 1940s
Price: $1,800
Description: Signed in white ink at lower right recto of photograph. Lovely little bit of Parisian life. Henriette Moulier... (More)

Henriette Moulier - Working on the Marionettes of Yves Jolly, Paris
Ref #: 14307
Medium: Silver print
Mount: on original mount trimmed to edges
Photo Date: 1950c
Print Date: 1950c
Price: $1,500
Description: Henriette Moulier was a French national who was active in the early 1940s and 1950s. She shot... (More)


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