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Where the Photographer's name is Jean Louis Delton

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Jean Louis Delton - Man on Horse
Ref #: 1103
Medium: Albumen carte-de-visite
Mount: on original printed mount
Photo Date: 1860s
Print Date: 1860s
Price: $100
Description: Carte-de-visite of a man on horseback with top hat. Important small image by this pioneering photographer of... (More)

Jean Louis Delton - Man Pulling Up to a Halt on Horse
Ref #: 5176
Medium: Silver print
Mount: on original mount
Photo Date: 1890s
Print Date: 1890s
Price: $750
Description: Dramatic image of a man reining in his horse. See: Jacobson, Etude d'Apres Nature, pl.217 for a... (More)


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