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Where the Photographer's name is Underwood & Underwood

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Underwood & Underwood - Early Zeppelin Wreck
Ref #: 1071
Medium: Albumen stereo
Mount: on original printed mount
Photo Date: 1917
Print Date: 1917
Price: $20
Description: Armchair travelers could enjoy views of the world, inclusive of its tragedies, through stereo views. Images of... (More)

Underwood & Underwood - Lower New York and the Brooklyn Bridge
Ref #: 6201
Medium: Silver print
Mount: unmounted
Photo Date: 1930s
Print Date: 1930s
Price: $200
Description: A view of lower Manhattan through the suspension wires of the Brooklyn Bridge. A ferry rushes by.... (More)

Underwood & Underwood - Theodore Roosevelt  Waving to Crowd from Steamboat (close up)
Ref #: 1247
Medium: Lantern slide
Mount: in glass mount
Photo Date: 1904
Print Date: 1904
Price: $125
Description: A spectacular magic lantern slide that shows Teddy Roosevelt waving with his hat from a steamboat paddler to... (More)


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