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Where the Photographer's name is Various Photographers

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Various Photographers - 1950s Cheesecake or Pin-Ups (13 Prints)
Ref #: 3304
Medium: Gelatin silver print
Mount: unmounted
Photo Date: 1940-1950s
Print Date: 1950s
Price: $200
Description: Thirteen news photos by various photographers show scantily clad women in numerous poses. Chorus girls from "Hit... (More)

Various Photographers - Portraits of Actors and Actresses
Ref #: 2482
Medium: Albumen carte-de-visite
Mount: on original mounts
Photo Date: 1860-70s
Print Date: 1860-70s
Price: $150
Description: A group of sixteen portraits of actors and actresses from the 1860s and 70s, by various known and... (More)


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