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Special 30%-Off (And More) Spring and Summer Clean-out Sale for Vintage Works, Ltd. Only Through Sept 30th!
From now until September 30th, you can get 30% off on thousands of select photographs on the Vintage Works website--and FREE packing and ground shipping for U.S. clients. International customers have to pay shipping costs and all VAT taxes/customs duty, but we will reduce that shipping cost by $20. Pennsylvania clients must pay PA sales tax. If you buy a total of $5,000-$9,999 including at least four photos, take off an additional 5%. $10,000 or more with at least six photos, take off an additional 10%! Prices range from $70 to over $10,000 net, so there are great values at every price point. The sale does not apply to any pending or past purchases, and no further discounts will be given. The sale ends Friday, Sept. 30th. Absolutely no sales at these prices will be made after that date. This is a one-time, limited offer, so check out the sale today and don't miss it! Have a great summer enjoying your purchases.

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Anonymous (Roger Fenton?) - Children Playing at the Edge of a Stream
Ref #: 5757
Medium: Albumen print from wet plate negative
Mount: on original mount trimmed to edges
Photo Date: 1860c
Print Date: 1860c
Price: $1,200
Sale Price $840
Description: This exceptionally large (the size of Fenton's plates) English image is quite lyrical with its two children (Fenton's... (More)

Anonymous (Various) - Photographic Groups of Eminent Personages
Ref #: 6213
Medium: Book with albumen prints from wet plate negative
Mount: hardbound
Photo Date: 1890's
Print Date: 1890's
Price: $450
Sale Price $315
Description: Five prints of portraits of important men and women of the era. Each mounted on a board... (More)


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