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Photographer's agency stamp on verso. American relief rice for starving Japan is unloaded from a ship in Kobe Harbor during the American Occupation.

In 1936, Carl Mydans (1907 - 2004) joined LIFE Magazine and the original first four photographers, Margaret Bourke-White, Alfred Eisenstaedt, Thomas McAvoy and Peter Stackpole, following his years working for the Farm Security Administration. He decided during college at Boston University to follow a career in journalism forsaking original plans to be a surgeon or boat builder. His first reporting jobs were for The Boston Globe and the Boston Herald.

His most memorable photographs were taken during WWII and include MacArthur wading ashore in Luzon and the Japanese delegation signing the surrender on board the battleship Missouri. Earlier during the war he and his wife Shelley, then a LIFE researcher-reporter, were taken prisoners by invading Japanese forces in Manila; they spent nearly two years in captivity before being released in a prisoner exchange. Another notable photograph--and one indicative of his journalistic instincts--was taken when he and Shelley, both in charge of the Time-Life bureau in Tokyo at the time, was of the 1948 earthquake in Fukui, Japan taken on the street while buildings collapsed around him.

His books include a memoir, "More Than Meets the Eye" (1959), "The Violent Peace" (with Shelley Mydans, 1968), and "Carl Mydans: Photojournalist" (1985), a retrospective of his work.

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Photo Detail - Carl Mydans - Unloading Rice, Kobe, Japan
Carl Mydans Unloading Rice, Kobe, Japan

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Photo Date 1949  Print Date 1980s

Dimensions 6-1/2 x 9-1/2 in. (165 x 241 mm)

Photo Country Japan

Photographer Country United States (USA)


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