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Resembles a Wegee distortion, but is a rare prismatic image by Duncan. This vintage black and white conversion print was probably printed as promotional material for his book. Duncan's most atypical book and set of images stemmed from his friendship with and long-running study of Pablo Picasso. Why, Duncan wondered, had Picasso--a master of so many artistic mediums--held no particular fascination with photography itself. Picasso's reply was direct: "Long ago, I pointed to the lens and said the trouble was here!" The words became a challenge to Duncan, who commissioned Astro, of West Berlin, to adapt their sophisticated optics of lenses and prisms for the cinema and television industry to his Nikon F and Leica SL. The attempt marked a new way of rendering color and form, and led to the eventual publication of Duncan's book "Prismatics".

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Photo Detail - David Douglas Duncan - Multiple Portrait of Maurice Chevalier
David Douglas Duncan Multiple Portrait of Maurice Chevalier

Price $2,000
Sale Price $1,400

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Ref.# 8566

Medium Silver print

Mount unmounted

Photo Date 1963  Print Date 1963

Dimensions 9 x 6-1/16 in. (230 x 155 mm)

Photo Country France

Photographer Country United States (USA)


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