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Editioned 1/10 and signed in pencil on mount. Gambi is a handmade, tissue-like paper from Japan that is extremely fragile.

Born in 1947, Davidjohn Lotto was a self-taught in photography. The California-based photographer made photographs for over 20 years. He assisted Oliver Gagliani in his Nevada workshops for three years, teaching silver-based technique, but ultimately found his own distinct creative voice in an alternative process--hand-coated Platinum/Palladium.

He preferred to use a variety of older lenses, including a soft focus lenses to capture his images. His work has appeared in B&W Magazine, View Camera Magazine and Zen Bell.

Lotto passed away in 2014.

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Photo Detail - DavidJohn Lotto - Embracing the Wounds (Female Nude with Lilies)
DavidJohn Lotto Embracing the Wounds (Female Nude with Lilies)

Price $1,500

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Ref.# 9778

Medium Platinum palladium on Japanese Gampi paper

Mount on original mount

Photo Date 2005  Print Date 2005

Dimensions 19 x 16 in. (483 x 406 mm)

Photo Country United States (USA)

Photographer Country United States (USA)


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