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At first glance this print appears to be a collotype but it may be a silver print. It is definitely not one of the photogravures. Apparently it came from a special set with black ink borders on the mount.

Heinz Von Perckhammer was born in 1895 in Germany. He traveled to Southern China and Macao in the late 1920s where he photographed women from the Macao brothels.

Von Perckhammer was known for his fine nudes, his portrait studies and publicity stills. The soft nudes were the antithesis of the women's real surroundings. After he returned to Germany, he published some of these studies in the French magazine, Voila (No.76, 1932). He also published "Edle nacktheit in China" in 1928. In addition Von Perckhammer photographed several other nudes for the portfolio, "Das Deutsche Aktwerk", which was published in several versions by Bruno Schultz Verla from 1938-1940.

On a more mundane business level, Von Perckhammer took many of the images in the 1933 book, Wir und das Auto, and his work appears on many German postcards of the 1930s-40s period.

Von Perckhammer died in 1965.

Printed examples of his work from his later portfolio are in the George Eastman House. He is listed in its database, as well as in Auer & Auer.

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Photo Detail - Heinz Von Perckhammer - Macao Female Nude
Heinz Von Perckhammer Macao Female Nude

Price $750

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Ref.# 7410

Medium Collotype print

Mount on original mount

Photo Date 1930c  Print Date 1930c

Dimensions 7-5/8 x 5-5/8 in. (194 x 143 mm)

Photo Country Macao

Photographer Country Germany


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