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Leen (1914c-1995) was a Russian-born American photographer who worked frequently for LIFE Magazine. She specialized in fashion and animal photography. Her work was included in Edward Steichen's Family of Man and selected by Carl Sagan for inclusion in pictures and sounds of Earth on board the Voyage 1 and 2 Missions. Among her many books are, The World of Bats (1969), Lucky, the Famous Foundling (1951), Women, Heroes, and a Frog (1970), Love, Sunrise, and Elevated Apes (1974) and And Then There Were None: America's Vanishing Wildlife (1973).

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Photo Detail - Nina Leen - Stormy Water
Nina Leen Stormy Water

Price $2,500

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Ref.# 15552

Medium Silver print

Mount unmounted

Photo Date 1959  Print Date 1959

Dimensions 13-1/2 x 10-1/2 in. (343 x 267 mm)

Photo Country United States (USA)

Photographer Country United States (USA)


Alex Novak and Marthe Smith


Phone +1-215-518-6962


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