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About This Exhibit

By Alex Novak

The group is a personal selection of images from all my recently acquired fine art photographs. I guess I just like them for their power, even though some have a quiet strength that might not be so obvious at first glance.

This group all came from the 19th century and are vintage prints. If your interest is 20th century, I have also posted up a similar group for this period. But please don't neglect the other fine art photographs that we have posted up to the site, which may be just as worthy of your consideration. After all, my taste might not be yours.

The group has many top names, but it is the image first that you are drawn to. There are usually even anonymous images. Prices start at just above $1,000 and go up from there.

I intend to update this group constantly as I get in new groups of fine art photographs.

For those of you with a more limited budget I have also posted up my favorite recent images that are priced $1,500 and under. They are under a separate Special Exhibit.

A Few Favorite Recently Acquired Fine Art 19th-Century Photographs

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About This Exhibit

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